Whether it is called Guardrail, Armco or a Car Park Barrier, P&C Fencing supply and install the strong, hot-dip galvanised steel 'w'-beam rail barrier system required around warehouses and other Facilities. These Barriers are intended to be used on industrial properties to protect sensitive areas from vehicle traffic. P&C Fencing are proud to be partnered with Ingal Civil to supply and install the proprietry Zee Park barrier system for these applications.

With a light nudge impact, the ZEE Park Post deforms elastically within tightly controlled limits. When the force is removed the ZEE Park Post springs back to its original position. With a more severe impact, the ZEE Park Post yields in a consistent and predictable manner, absorbing much of the vehicles energy - without overloading the anchor or damaging the structure.

The innovative ZEE Park Post permanent deflection is directly proportional to the energy of the impacting vehicle. Individual ZEE Park Posts will only need replacement after a substantial impact, and have been proven to effectively absorb over twice the force proscribed by standard AS/NZS 1170.1 for light traffic areas
  • AS/NZS 1170.1 Compliant
  • High-strength
  • Baseplate fixings for concrete surfaces
  • In-ground or Baseplate installation
  • Suitable for edge protection close to structures
  • Handrail & anti-climb attachments available
  • 100% Australian made with Australian Steel & Zinc

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P&C Fencing are APIC Partners with the NSWICC, which is a Formal Partner to the NSW Government and a key stakeholder in supporting Agencies and Contractors to meet their requirements under the APIC Policy. They provide consultancy, advice and facilitation services at all stages of the project lifecycle to assist P&C in meeting its obligations under APIC.The Aboriginal participation in construction (APIC) policy has been developed to support greater participation by Aboriginal people in government construction projects across NSW. The aim of the policy is consistent with OCHRE (Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility and Empowerment), the NSW Governments plan to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people across all sectors of the community.